• Seeking continuous improvement through advancing knowledge and technology.

  • Sincere effort to provide a safe work environment.

  • Striving to provide superior products.

  • Support for our customers and vendors.

  • Synergistically combining the best of American and Japanese manufacturing.


Our History

Scott & Itoh Machine Company is a joint venture company between Itoh Seiko of Japan and Allan Tool and Machine Company in Troy, MI and was established in 1990.

Myron Scott started his first machine company in 1955 in a one room building in Detroit. He saw a need and expanded into other companies such as an anodizing company, a centerless grinding company, and three metal fabricating companies.

Masao Itoh was a second generation family business owner. Their family has been in the manufacturing business since 1934. Itoh Seiko is involved in cold forging as well as precision screw machine manufacturing in Nagoya, Japan. Their headquarters are located in Kyowa, and have three more plants in Kariya and Kitasaki and Kyushu.

We are happy to bring you the best of both worlds. The knowledge and tradition of these two families combined, equal a strong and secure future as well as superior products.